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What Cares should to be taken with the car radiator?

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Car radiator

The car radiator is one of the main components of any vehicle's cooling system. It is through it and its entire system that the vehicle manages to maintain an ideal temperature for proper engine operation, since this device dissipates heat through a tubular structure connected to the heat dissipation plates.

The car radiator aims to maintain the engine temperature. If you are unable to do so, you run the risk of damage or even break some internal components.

How does the car radiator work?

The car radiator functions as a heat dissipation system. The radiator receives the engine's hot coolant and cool it down.

The engine cooling system has a thermostat nearby  and when the temperature exceeds the ideal the cooling system is activated and the radiator starts.

The radiator operation is divided into three parts:

1. Air intake

2. Cooling system

3. Hot air outlet

When the air passes through the radiator, the temperature of the liquid present there drops. When the thermostat indicates that the engine temperature is high, the circuit "opens" and the coolant circulates through the engine channels and substantially reduces the temperature.

What are the common problems of the car radiator?

● Rust.

● External obstruction with debris from the road

● Obstruction in radiator tubes

● Damage from impacts to the road

● Coolant leak

● Overheating damage

What care should you take with the car radiator?

1.Check the coolant level

No water should be placed in the car radiator, coolant should be added and checked frequently.

This care is even more important on summer days, as the vehicle reaches high temperatures. 

2.Check the quality of the antifreeze liquid

Antifreeze liquid increases the liquid boiling point to hinder the evaporation process and to decrease the freezing point.

3.Check the car radiator tubes

Tube must be inspected regularly so that it can be seen if there is accumulation of impurities or some type of cracks that compromise the engine performance. If this is the case, it must be replaced.

4.Regular cleaning

Debris accumulation can damage the radiator. You should do a regular cleaning not allowing impurities to accumulate.

How to clean the radiator?

The radiator can be cleaned homemade or by a mechanic. To clean the inside of the car radiator you must follow the following steps:

1.Remove the liquid present in the radiator by the drain plug located at the bottom of the radiator;

2.Pour a specific radiator cleaning additive inside it.

3.Start the vehicle with hot air on for a maximum of 5 minutes.

4.Switch off the engine and allow to cool for 15 minutes.

5.Reopen the drain plug and remove the liquid

6.Fill the radiator coolant.

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