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Enigne cooling system of EVO-X intercooler bar and plate  Air-to-Air Intercooler

Enigne cooling system of EVO-X intercooler bar and plate Air-to-Air Intercooler

Place of Origin:Jiang su
Brand Name:Shine moto
Model Number:B1144
Minimum Order Quantity:10PCS
Packaging Details:CARTONS
Delivery Time:50 DASY
Payment Terms:T/T
Supply Ability:10000PCS/MONTH


The air-to-air intercooler consists of a metal component that forms the intercooler exchange used on turbocharged and supercharged internal combustion engines and is covered with tubes. Simpler construction, fewer parts, and lighter weight of these tubes help air flow through the intercooler. There are other connections within the body of the intercooler to increase the surface area. Hot air enters the intercooler from the outlet of the turbocharger and flows through these tubes. Atmospheric air cools these tubes from the outside and the hot air inside the intercooler is cooled. This heat is released to the atmosphere and the outlet of the intercooler directs the cooled air into the intake manifold of the engine. As a result, the temperature of the air after the compression process decreases and this causes the air to become dense and the concentration of oxygen molecules in the dense air to increase.

Parts nameEVO-X intercooler
Core typeBar and plate
Core size505x295x75mm
Warranty12 month
Produce Capility1000PCS/MONTH

Performance Intercooler - 700HP | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X


Our intercooler system was built from the ground up to offer the ultimate in performance for your 2.0T TSI. When increasing the power output of your engine it is extremely important to ensure it has the proper cooling to match. It packs a very large intercooler core into the space available, a full 54% larger than the OEM core. This large core delivers cool air to the engine under all circumstances, increasing power and torque and simultaneously reducing heat soak.


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